Thermoforming and Vacuum Forming


All your Thermoforming and Vacuum forming needs can be met at Platt Packaging, where all our process and products meet ISO standards, ensuring quality and traceability from start to finish.  We can design and produce bespoke Thermoforming tooling to fit your product at a competitive cost.

We stock various materials including APET, RPET, PVC, HIPS and FLOCK in thicknesses from 200 Micron to 2mm. We Thermoform various different types of Blister Packs, Edge Bent Blisters/Slide Packs, Clam Shells, Box Trays, Component Trays, Point of Sale Trays, Display Trays, Shelf Liners and Protection Covers.

Where possible we use recycled RPET material that is 30% to 85% recycled, this RPET material is 100% recyclable. All of our internal skeletal waste is also recycled too, so no plastic waste is sent to landfill. All packaging made from this RPET material is not only greener for the environment, it will not incur the new Plastic Packaging Tax ruling of 1st April 2022.

There is no minimum order quantity and we can produce up to 250,000 units per day depending on size and thickness of material.  We use 2 different styles of machine depending on quantity required and size of Thermoforming.

Thermoforming of thin-gauge products

The plastic sheet is fed from a roll  into a set of indexing chains  that pierce the sheet and transport it through an oven for heating to forming temperature
The heated sheet then indexes into the Thermoforming Station with vacuum then applied to remove trapped air and to pull the material into or onto the moulding tool
The sheet containing the thermoformed parts then indexes into a trim station on the same machine where a die cuts the parts from the remaining sheet web, or indexes into a separate trim
The formed parts are trimmed & cut on a Bench Press ensuring accurate sizing and equal flanges all round
The remaining sheet web is then sent for recycling

Platt Packaging can despatch your Thermoformed packs nationwide, from our site in Tredegar in Wales.


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