Clam Packs Bespoke and Off The Shelf

Clam Packing (also known as Clamshell Packaging) is made by Thermoforming the shape of the package to fit closely around the contents(see Thermoforming)is ideal for presenting and packaging a variety of different shapes and sizes such as electrical goods, automotive parts, toiletries and cosmetics. The Clam Pack is hand filled than a simple secure clip closure keeps the hinged pack together (this can then be spot welded if required for security). This type of pack is used primarily for retail display as it generally allows a high degree of all round visibility and therefore is a popular and practical way of displaying your product.

The advantage of the Clam Pack is that you can pack it yourself so you don’t have to hold large amounts of packed stock.  You can also change the paper insert to suit individual customers or even different languages with minimal cost.

Platt Packaging can offer our hand assembly packing service for your Clam pack from our site in Tredegar in Wales, to provide you with a finished product for direct re-sale to your customers. Platt packaging can despatch nationwide.

Clam Packing


We understand that not all of our potential clients requirements justify the cost of expenditure on bespoke tooling, therefore we are starting to develop a range of standard off the shelf clampacks which will assist in keeping the cost of packaging to a minimum.

The range is small at the moment but will grow over time. If you need a bespoke cavity and think it would fit within the plinth area as shown below, it may be that we can make tooling inserts to suit your specific requirement. Whilst this would involve a small tooling cost it would be much less than that of a complete toolset.

The standard clam packs come in three different ranges (A, B and C). Each range has a fixed length and width with a raised plinth which again has a fixed length and width. On top of the plinth there is a cavity which contains the packed items. For each range there are a number of different cavity sizes (height, length and width). The structure is shown in the diagram on the right.

The three ranges are shown below. The pack and plinth dimensions for each range are given in the diagrams and in the table on the right Click on any of the diagrams to see a larger version.

Standard Clam Range Dimensions
 Pack WidthPack LengthPlinth WidthPlinth Length
A Range92mm182mm82mm150mm
B range118mm170mm105mm140mm
C Range118mm255mm105mm215mm


Standard Clam Shell Package Range A

Standard Clam A Range Dimensions


Standard Clam Shell Package Range B

Standard Clam B Range Dimensions



Standard Clam Shell Package Range C

Standard Clam C Range Dimensions

Clam Packing
Clam Packing


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