Skin Packing

Skin packing, or Skin Packaging, is carded packaging where your product (or products) is placed on a piece of cardboard and a thin sheet of transparent plastic is placed over the product and cardboard.

The printed cardboard has a heat-seal coating. The plastic film is softened by heat and vacuum is used to assist a firm fit. The film bonds to the heat-seal coating on the cardboard. The skin-packed piece is then cut into individual units sometimes with a euro slot for hanging.

Skin packaging somewhat resembles Blister Packing, with the major difference being that the plastic surrounding the product is formed over the product, instead of being pre-formed.

The advantages of Skin Packing (or Skin Packaging) are…

  • the tooling cost for set up is minimal
  • you can print a generic backing card for use with a wide range of products
  • you can then apply a product label or barcode to each type of product

Here at Platt Packaging we can offer printing on non perforated Skin Packing board along with labels to your own artwork.  Our Maximum sheet size is 426 x 276mm. We can pack up to a maximum capacity of 2000 sheets daily. There is no minimum order Quantity.

Platt Packaging offers a start to finish service from our sites in Swindon, Wiltshire and Tredegar in Wales with despatch nationwide.

Skin Packing


Skin Packing


 by Caitlin on Platt Packaging
Great Service!

We needed to shrink wrap some boxes last minute when our old supplier let us down. Keith and the team at Platt Packaging got onto things straight away... View more

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